Is there an affordable, reliable temperature sensor to use as a remote sensor for thermostat?

I found this thread: Reliable temperature sensor... when? , but the consensus was mostly that you would have to pay $200-$300. I would just ditch the Nest and buy an Ecobee before I spent that kind of money. I’m wanting one to put in the baby’s room to be a remote sensor for nighttime. Anyone have a sensor they’re using to get thermostat readings that they’re happy with?

I love the HSM-200 Plug in so no battery to worry about and acurate to the 1/10 with 1 minute reporting

Might want to check out this thread from @sidjohn1 who did some extensive temp sensor testing.

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I have found the wireless sensor tags are very good as temp/humidity sensors. They are relatively cheap if you need a few as you have to buy a receiver; not so much if you only need one. Another very cool perc is you get history graphing for free:

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I use the Lowes Iris Gen 2 contact sensors and motion sensors as my temp sensors. I just calibrate them using the temp offset and they work great.

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That’s what I’m planing to do. What did you use to calibrate against? I’m guessing you just placed the temp sensors next to each other for a few hours and then check the difference?

Esit: Nevermind I read the other thread. I’m going to use my Nest as a baseline.

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Ouch $70. Looks intresting though. Maybe good for new baby room though. Thanks.

@Meriwether_R if you are using the Nest Manager app the new version 2.0 that is to be released will allow for remote temp sensors to be used by the Nest. That would enable ecobee like functionality. @tonesto7 @desertblade is that right? I’m anxiously waiting. :slight_smile:

I say then on a table side by side for several days and randomly checked them against a digital thermometer that I use at work.

Another challenge with remote sensors is placement. Window contacts will usually be cooler or hotter than the rooms walls. The iris sensors all report the same temps, want to get the laser temp gun to calibrate and it looks cool.

@tolik As for nest-manager supporting remote temperatures sensors we are actively working on it, though it may not make the 2.0 release. We want to make sure its tested and work out bugs before we release it out. I would estimate it will be included in a couple weeks. Keep Me Kozy does work with Nest Manager for a short term solution.


Oh cool. I think you can do it within ST using the Keep Me Cozy smartapp.

What do you mean?

The deviation of temperatures between my Iris contact sensors is small.

Got it. Thanks. I thought maybe there was a bug I had not noticed.

Anybody have an update on a remote Nest sensor?

You could use the Keep Me Comfy II app. It controls an integrated thermostat using a separate temp sensor. Check under Marketplace -> Climate Control -> Keep Me Kozy II

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Nest-Manager solves all.

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