Is there a way to set an alert when the refrigerator is outside of safe mode

During the current wildfires, we lost power and then a mandatory evacuation!! We evacuated 3 days ago … and the power is back on … but the evacuation order still in place.

Is there a way I can find out if my refrigerator was able to stay within the “safe zone” or do I have a major clean up when I get back from being evacuated. :slight_smile:

That kind of depends…
Did you have a sensor mounted INSIDE the fridge?
If not, there’s no way to tell.
If you did, then perhaps. Multi sensors report Temps periodically to the hub and gets recorded (cloud based? I don’t know). If your hub lost power then the temp logging would stop.
Once power was restored logging should resume and you could see how hot things got on the first report.
Either way, best of luck.

Thank you for your response. I am trying to find the information on my Smart Things app.

Maybe I need to add sensors… to be ready for the next power outage or evacuation?

How long was the fridge without power? In my experience, fridges won’t stay cold more than 24 hours without power, and that’s in the best case scenarios. Personally, if power is going to be out more than 6 hours I hook up my generator (which doesn’t sound like it was an option for you).

I would expect you’ll come home to a very stinky kitchen.

I’m wondering if the OP has a Samsung fridge and that’s why she is asking if there is a record of the temps in the fridge.

The power was off for 3 days … and we are still under Mandatory Evacuation…so the power is back on, but we are still away.

Our generator is too small for this size load for more than a handful of hours (then it needs more gas). First time a power outage and an evacuation at the same time.

May be looking into a more substantial generator with auto switch tapped into our propane.


I don’t see where to find the log. My Samsung does not have the hub … just the connection to the SmartThings app

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I’m sorry, I don’t know how Samsung appliances connect to the Smartthings app. It was only an observation on my part to help clarify what your original post might be asking about. Most of the people on this community have the Smartthings hub and the answers you may get will probably be in that context.

I’m sorry for what you are experiencing in California. It has to be just plain awful.

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Thank you for your concern.

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