Is there a way to auto-login to smartthings using node.js?

I am testing the connection using the smartthings api. I wonder if there is no way to automatically log in without a login window. The language used is node.js. Passport-smartthings module has been tested for authentication, but requires a smartthings login window. How do I log in programmatically without the login window below using node.js ?

While very convenient, I must say that I hope it is not possible, as this would be a significant security vulnerability.

The SmartThings API/IDE web page login is also used for the OAuth flow for a SmartThings Customer to install and authorize Things to a Web Services SmartApp.

If this process is automated “behind-the-scenes”, then Apps could capture the Customer’s SmartThings login and password and have full access to the Customer’s Account.

This is a huge no-no.