Is there a SmartThings schedule switch (similar to an Intermatic Timer?)

There’s an Intermatic mechanical time switch that controls the HVAC fan in our leased commercial space. It’s physically mounted on the HVAC unit above the suspended ceiling, so it’s not very accessible for setting the time or programming the schedule (via the mechanical pointers).

I’d like to replace this with a SmartThings-enabled switch so I can program the on/off times for the HVAC via my phone. I realize that there are SmartThings On/Off switches that can be turned on/off on using a routine running on my phone. The problem is that I’ve found SmartThings hub connectivity to be unreliable. I have a V2 hub at home and it constantly drops control of the lights, etc., requiring me to reboot the hub by unplugging it.

It would be better if there were a stand-alone switch that could run its own onboard schedule, yet could be remotely programmed via SmartThings. That way, it wouldn’t be susceptible to the reliability problems of the hub.