Is there a SmartApp to open/close Add-A-Motor curtains?

I have a basic Add-A-Motor motor on a curtain. It was created for old X10 technology. The way it works is if you give it power it opens the curtain. To close the curtain, you unplug it and wait about 2-3 seconds, then plug it back in. I have it connected to a Z wave plug in module for Appliance. To open the curtain you “turn it on”. To reverse direction (ie close curtain), you “turn it off”, wait about 2-3 seconds then “turn it back on”. To open curtain again, you again, “turn it off”, wait 2-3 seconds until you hear a click, then turn it back on.
Is there a smartapp out there that will handle this task?
Specifically, it needs to:

  1. turn off device
  2. wait 2-3 seconds (will tinker to see what works optimally)
  3. turn on device

Or is a SmartApp not what I should be looking for?

Core should be able to do this, I think. You can ask in the following thread:

If not, it would be easy enough to do with virtual switches and a daisy-chain, but ask about core first. :sunglasses:

How and where do i get Core and/or piston?

“Piston” is the term Core uses for an individual rule. Core itself is a very sophisticated rules engine. You can find out all about it in the peer assistance thread ( this is a clickable link):

Core itself is available here:

If you haven’t used custom code before, here is the FAQ for that. This will give you the general concepts and explain the process. Then you follow the specific instructions for any individual code that you were interested in. It’s all pretty straightforward. :sunglasses:

If you decide to use CoRE, I recommend using the delayed tasks:

Turn on
Turn off (delayed) in 3 seconds

Stay away from the Wait, as it is not as precise to allow 2-3s reliably, due to cloud lags.

The Turn off (delayed) sends the command to thenhub and has the hub wait the 2-3 seconds. You can also use an aggregated task called Flash, setting the parameters to 2-3s for on, 5s for off and 1 cycle only

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Thank you, that was helpful, but as a newbie I am little stuck.I have never used CoRE before. So I have Core added as a smartapp. Within Core I set up a piston specifying that If the curtain switch is on, it will turn off, then turn on (delayed). i have saved it. I can see it in my smartapps, so how do i use it? How do i turn it into a virtual switch? Or do i need to?

Ask in the peer assistance thread for CORE, they will be glad to help you there, that is exactly what that thread is for. (This is a clickable link.)