Is there a smart buzzer?

Is there such a thing as a smart buzzer? I’d like to use a local button so sound an alarm buzzer remotely and cancel the alarm when the button is pressed again.

There are lots of smart buzzers, but the “smart” part typically relies on smartthings custom code, and all smartthings custom code runs in the cloud, not locally. So you need one which would just function as a switch.

But, yeah, that part is doable. Just take a look at the doorbell projects, they’re essentially the same thing. Nowadays, again, people mostly do this with echo but then that doesn’t run locally.

There are two places to look in the community – created wiki.

First, look on the quick browse lists. Look down near the bottom of that page for the “project reports” section, then look for the doorbells list.

Second, there’s a how to article in the wiki on setting up a time when the door opens and again it’s the same principle

All of that said, smartthings itself is not reliable enough to use for any medical alert system. It just isn’t. The company itself says so in its project usage guidelines:

Where possible, SmartThings has worked to ensure message delivery and control reliability, but many factors can impact this, including electromagnetic interference, solar flares, wireless and cellular connectivity, and the natural complexity of software instructions that might be in direct conflict caused by SmartApps or by end users. These and other issues can cause commands to not be delivered, to be delivered repeatedly, or to be delivered in rapid succession. Therefore, do not use SmartThings to control any device that may have an impact on health, safety, security, property, or financial interests

So using it to turn a light on and off or switch channels on the television, fine. But using it for a panic button in a medical needs situation just isn’t a good idea. There are literally hundreds of buzzer devices available on the market, so you should be able to find something reliable that isn’t related to SmartThings.