Is there a silent way to switch a120v circuit on/off

Is there a silent way to switch a 120v device on and off, the click of the GE wall plug is too loud for my application, something like a solid state relay?

Every relay is going to click. I have Qubinos, dry contacts, and numerous brands of switches and they all click. Even smart plugs have a click. Not sure you will find anything because even dumb switches click to some degree when you flip/toggle them.

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What’s your application?

If this is something like not waking up an infant or a person with PTSD, the only two options I can think of is to instead install a dimmer switch (they don’t typically use a physical relay and should be quieter) or to use an inwall micro placed in a junction box elsewhere in the building. :sleeping:


I cant find anyone who makes a solid state zigbe or zwave smart relay. Would have to make yourself. Thinking may take one I have a build a small box with cord in and out for soundproofing… Want to switch USB light which is on motion sensor. Don’t mind click if all at once or anticipated by command but on off on off would get annoying without triggering it.