Is there a reason why Alexa not seeing Thermostat?

I am just wondering why Alexa only sees my light switches? Is there a reason why Alexa does not recognize my Thermostat (Zen), nor my door lock (Yale)? It would be so much easier to tell Alexa to set thermostat to higher or lower temperature of turn it off. Same thing with the lock, would be much easier to tell alexa to “open the door”. I’ve created a virtual switch for the door lock and kind of went around the hardware limitation.
For the thermostat, if i create a virtual temperature button, will I be able to tell Alexa to “Turn on Thermostat to 73” for instance?

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Amazon Echo currently only supports lights (on/off) and dimmers (set %). There is an app made by one of the community members which can be used to combine virtual switches with hello home actions. Its called Alexa Helper. Otherwise you can use virtual switches to lock/ unlock doors , set temperature, control harmony etc.