Is there a 'nice' alarm out there

OK, getting notifications on my phone just fine, I can even setup a light to turn on when something happens, all good. I am slightly interested in getting and alarm of some form, but they all seem to be loud sirens and noises. My guess is to scare away intruders.

BUT, I would love a device that I can make ‘nice’ alarms with. Maybe like a doorbell sound if someone walks past a motion sensor. Is there anything already like this? Would love some form of customizable sounds that I can hear and know what / where something just happened.

Aeon labs has a doorbell which is very popular in the community. It is capable of playing up to 99 different custom MP3s. So you can have it play a chime sound or a voice notification or crickets chirping or whatever sound you would like that you can find a recording of. And you can play different tracks for different events, such as one for a motion sensor, one when the door opens, one when the doorbell button is pushed, etc. . :sunglasses:

The Amazon ratings are low on it because it’s really difficult to get it paired. Some people report having to reset and try again 20 or 30 times. And the range to the pushbutton is less than a lot of people want. But once you have everything set up, it seems to be a good device. So many people in this community use it and like it once you get past the first pairing step.

Here’s a popular device handler for it, although there are a couple of others as well


if you have sonos you can use the speakers as your alarm or notification message, so i have found out. but good luck if there is ever a need for editing or removal… you’ll be cursing at the moon.

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Thanks for the help, that looks just like what I want. Ill look into it. Glad we are here to help each other. Thanks again.

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Do the button and chime count as two devices?

No, the button is slaved to the speaker and doesn’t do anything except act as a remote for it. SmartThings doesn’t see it at all, just the speaker.

Here is a good review with technical details:


Makes me wish I didn’t spend $100 on 2 of these.

Yeah, the siren came out about a year before the doorbell was available. And the doorbell originally cost almost twice as much as it does now.

The siren is a good device, but the doorbell does have more features. :sunglasses:

If you have an Android device runnining 5.0+, you can use this option as well.

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Ordered 2.

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Oh man, took me A WHILE to get the thing working. Got it connected, but it didn’t seem to actually do anything after I changed the Device Handler. Don’t really know what magic I did that finally made it work. Just read through all the posts about how to connect and some posts of the problems some folks are having. Reset it about 25 times and it finally is working. This forum is the best for helping us newbies figure this stuff out and I appreciate JDRoberts for all your help on things.

Time to go play…

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