Is there a high-amp pocket socket that doesn’t switch?

Looking for a z-wave (plus?) 110v pocket socket to monitor my washing machine, but I don’t want to worry about accidentally turning it off. Is there one that just monitors energy without having a switching capability?

Or another approach?

Monitor only - not really, that’s the realm of energy monitors and I haven’t found one that’s a good plug in solution - you’re monitoring at the panel. So in plugs I found the Zooz heavy duty is a good choice for 110 appliances. This is the one I use on my washing machine:

As to accidentally turning it off - Its behind the washer, so I can’t reach it, I buried the device in a ‘room’ I reserve for automation in my app and I have an automation in webCoRe that turns it on if it turns off. It’s not been an issue.


I’d looked at that product. Seems like a good fit.

The webCoRe automation will allay my worries. Thanks for suggesting that too.

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No problem. Also, if you’re doing what I THINK you’re doing with it - here:

It’ll take a few loads to get your thresholds right.
I am calling some external pistons to do other things but you should be able to figure out how to modify this for your needs.
EDIT: And yes I know my alert do loop is broken - I know how to fix it but I’ve had other priorities. :slight_smile:


Perfect. Thank you!

Got the Zen-15. Seems great. And the dth has options to disable the switch functions at the device and in SmartThings. So I don’t have to worry about accidentally turning off the washer mid-load.

Will check out the piston this weekend.

Thanks again.

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