Is there a 'Here's some easy, cool, beginner stuff you can do with SmartThings" post/section?

Sorry if this has been asked before (it probably has, I’m useless at searching forums) but I’m basically just looking for some easy, first steps into what’s possible. I’ve had a SmartThings kit for about 2 months now, and pretty much the only thing it’s used for is when the front door opens and my keys arrive home, both of which I know because, well, I’ve opened it and my keys are in my hand.

I’ve got a few Amazon vouchers stored away if there’s any extra stuff I can pick up to make it a more useful experience.

Cheers for any advice.

Get an Amazon echo and some lights to start with. Also, consider adding a Harmony Hub. The Echo-ST-Harmony integration is the best and most fun thing to do.

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I’m wondering this too! Like a newbie’s guide to Smartthings link.
For example, I want to make sure my hub has the latest firmware and can’t find where to check for that or some do’s and don’ts

The Projects section of the forums is a good place to browse for inspiration. :sunglasses:

You might also find the scheduling FAQ of interest: