Is there a "guide for idiots" section somewhere?

I am new to the home automation/smartthings world. I have spent the last couple hours trying to figure out something and am just feeling stupid and frustrated. I think I am real close but not quite.
Is there somewhere to learn how to add device types, codes, and/or customize smartthings app controls, …etc, etc…?
Here is a quick summary of what I am trying to accomplish:
basically use monoprice curtain relay to control 2 garage door openers. I have connected it to the hub, but is is as a simple switch. I have found post talking about some being able to add as a module capable of doing more than just on/off, like the blind controllers that have open and close buttons. This would work for me as I would use open for one opener and close for the other opener, if that makes sense.
I found a code that someone wrote, but have NO idea how to put it in smartthings and then make it work.
Therefore, a smartthings for idiots section would be ideal for me, where instructions would be explained to me like I am a 3 year old. :smile:
I can follow directions and learn by doing.

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Also this might be of interest:

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Thanks for the replies. Those places were helpful and I was even able to apply a custom code to one of my devices (thanks to one that was written and shared). Someday I may get to trying to write my own.

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