Is there a good occupancy simulator yet?

With my first hub I was able to (with the guidance of a smartthings support person) set different lights to turn on and off when I set my mode to “away”. I am about to set up a new hub (V3) in a new residence. I would really love to be able to set an “occupancy sim” routine/automation which would randomly turn my lights on and off without the tedious task of setting multiple schedules for each light.
Smarftthings tech support has been of no help in multiple calls. I was never able to get Vacation Lighting Director to work. I am not interested in learning github, webcore etc. solutions .
Any help along these parameters will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

I don’t know of anything using the official SmartThings features.

If you happen to have Phillips hue bulbs connected to a Phillips hue bridge, there are a number of apps that can do an occupancy sim with those, including an official Hue formula (“Light schedules with randomness”)

Then you could set up just a couple of other smartthings – controlled devices to follow those hue bulbs in a specific mode. It’s obviously not a great solution, but it would save you a lot of work over trying to do the whole thing in SmartThings.

It would be nice if smartThings would preload some commonly used scenes and automations into the new app, but so far they haven’t.

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Thank you. Yes, when I was searching for a solution I noticed the Phillips hue method.
I dont plan in investing in more hardware for this solution though.

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Samsung doesn’t officially read these forums. Your best bet for suggestions is their Facebook page or their Twitter feed, as those are at least monitored by marketing people. :sunglasses: