Is there a dimmer that has a slider for manual control?

I hate pushing buttons multiple times to dim – I strongly prefer a slider control for the 95% of the time when I am using my hand to turn on/off/dim the light. Does such a product exist?

If you need one for floor lamps, I use the GE Pluggable Light Dimmer Outlet sold in the ST store. I have 2 incandescent lamps plugged into an extension cord plugged into the dimmer. It works fine for me.

Sorry–saw another of your posts and realize you wanted a wall dimmer.

I’ve never seen a z-wave based dimmer like that, but look into Lutron. They have lots of options. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they work natively with ST and can be expensive.

I have looked high and low and contacted a couple of different manufacturers. Aeon looked promising with their mico controller but it turns out the description page was wrong and has since been corrected. This does not exist and is probably too expensive to implement for now. After HA becomes more main stream maybe that will change.