Is there a device handler for the Z-Wave Nodon Soft Remote?

Hi everyone, I’ve been looking for a button or remote of some sort I can use to help with controlling lighting in the house. I’ve come across the Nodon Soft Remote but before I buy it, I’m wondering if there is a device handler for it and whether anyone has one and their experiences of integrating with ST.


When looking for custom code, usually the fastest way to find it is to check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki.

In this case you would look in the device type handler section on the list for “remotes and buttons.” There’s at least one there for this device, and you can check the comments in the DTH threads for the experiences of the people who have been using the device. :sunglasses:

I forgot to mention, since you’re still in the research stage you might also want to look at the buttons and remotes FAQ, which lists all of the devices of this type which currently work with SmartThings. There are quite a few with different form factors. This particular list includes both handheld and wall mount types and both battery operated and Mains powered, so read The descriptions carefully to find a match for what you want. :heart_eyes:

Also, to keep that FAQ useful, it’s just supposed to be a list of the devices. Please don’t ask follow-up questions in the FAQ thread itself – – each post should link to a discussion thread on the device, and that’s where you would ask your follow-up questions. Thanks!

Thanks! I should have mentioned I have scrolled through the buttons and remotes FAQ as it did come up when I searched the forums. I was just curious about this particular device because it is on sale at the moment. Thanks for the pointer to the thread for the custom DTH though, I’ll have a look through that :slight_smile:

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You can use this one:

Thanks! Can I set this up linked to github? If so, could you please remind me how?