Is There A Building REST Handler Tutorial?

I am new here. I have searched the forums for this topic and found a few topics that come close, but, they focus on SmartApps, not Hanlders.

I have a Kohler DTV+ shower system, and I have (mostly) reverse engineered the API to drive it (I spoke with Kohler and they are not publishing the API… :frowning: ), and would like to create a handler for it.

Is there a tutorial on creating http / rest based handlers?

Thanks in advance for any help.

In the forum: This tutorial
And in the documentation, this one

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Thanks for the lightning response, @schettj.

These are both for SmartApps. Have you seen anything similar for developing Device Handlers?

Thanks again.

@Jim there are some references to device handlers having the ability to have an endpoint on github. Can you clarify this? @pstuart did you ever find anything else about this?


[quote=“accguy, post:3, topic:20439”]
Have you seen anything similar for developing Device Handlers?
[/quote]Not really, no. Everything I’ve seen seems to suggest only smart apps have rest/oauth support - but there is nothing preventing you from driving a device from a smart app’s rest interface.

Nope, haven’t heard a thing.

Thanks everyone for the responses, and looking into this issue.

For now, I think the answer is that we do not have REST Handler development framework, but, REST SmarApps are possible and will work until we do (if we ever do).

Thanks again!


Are you looking for a device handler that exposes a REST endpoint for other apps/systems to use, or a building a device handler to control a device that has a REST api?

If you are trying to do the second, take a look at this

Hey, have you progressed at all? I’m interested in interfacing to the DTV+ as well.

Would also love to see some example code for creating a device handler for “web” devices. I have a sensor that’s web enabled and posting data to beebotte. I would love to grab that data via a REST call and have the values displayed as a device in smartthings. Right now I can get by with using this:

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