Is the site down?

(Jim Larsen) #1

I’ve been trying to get into all morning with my Android Smart Phone, Android Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop and I keep getting: “Failure to Connect to Web Server” Message.


I got through ok just now. :sunglasses:

(Jim Larsen) #3

Thanks JDRoberts
I’ve waste hours trying to get in. Still can’t get in.
Do you know the URL that will get me to the SmartTiles Dashboard setup.
Thanks again,

(Stephen) #4

Did you copy the code and create the smartapp or did you set up through

(Jim Larsen) #5

I really appreciate your reply. I finally got into, received the message that the URL was created, but then I couldn’t find the URL. Even though I I’ve been a HA user for years I don’t have a good understanding of the basics. The more I looked for the URL that was created the more lost I become. Back when 62alex created SmartTiles it was easy using SmartThings V1 Dashboard to find the URL but for me and the others that don’t code it can be frustrating. A link to the URL would really help! As a retired commercial pilot it was easy for me to make a difficult instrument approach and land at night in a storm but I knew the basics. Right now I have a V2 Hub and the V2 App but have a lot to learn!