Is the thing safe to remove on the front and back of a CR2450 battery?

I guess you want to use that cell in a device without soldering it in place? The legs, so to speak, are spot welded so I think you can easily tear them off with nose pliers. Just grab the leg and roll it around the tip of the nose pliers so that you lift the leg off of the battery. Repeat on both sides. If you were to make a hole (doubt it) then discard the cell. Don’t short the cell in the process.

I don’t have a nose plier

Regular pliers? Bend the leg up 90 degrees, grab it with regular pliers and twist in the direction that peals the leg off the surface. Hopefully this makes sense.

I don’t have any pliers.

Time to sign up for a DIFY (“do it for you”) Service, I think. Even if it’s just a handyperson. :sunglasses:

I have a fix-it guy who is really good, he’ll come over and do pretty much anything including replacing batteries, and he only charges me for the time he actually spends, no minimum. He also does the big jobs around here, so we have a long standing friendship. And he has a truck full of tools. :wink:

Why do people bother seeking cr2450 batteries with solder tabs on it?

Backup battery for some electronic devices… How did you end up with that type instead of the regular one?

Someone in the smartthings community forums recommended a link to which I bought batteries from that link thinking that all cr2450 batteries are the same.

Ah, is a large distributor of electronic components. I buy mine from which is also a distributor of electronic components so you must choose carefully. I buy them there as amazon seems to be full of old or counterfeit batteries.

This is the post recommending the site to buy cr2450 batteries: Rechargeable battery CR2450

The link takes you to the model with pins (as they refer to them)…

I believe this is the regular version:

If you decide to buy from please double check that I linked to the item you actually need :slight_smile:

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B&H sells them also and I live close to their superstore.

They should be relatively easy to find but stores often charge multiple times the price you can get online. With the number of batteries I use, it is definitely better for me to get them online.

I used to get them at from this link.

But they have not carried them for quite some time. I now get them from digikey like others in this thread have mentioned.

BTW, Even if you successfully remove the solder tabs on the battery, they probably won’t work in a device that is designed for one without the solder tabs. Normally people remove the solder tabs in order to replace an exhausted battery, but then they solder a new one in its place. So unfortunately I think you’re just going to have to replace the ones that you got by mistake.

I have to disagree here. The CR2450 cell with tabs is likely identical to the one without once the tabs are removed. It was the case for all the ones I’ve seen in person but I agree it may not always be the case.

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