Is the SmartThings website broken for everyone, or just me?

[quote=“XL5, post:19, topic:34666”]I recognize that, and I appreciate that.

In my more than half a century on this planet I have never found that to be the case, and have never been accused of that until now.

Sorry, I have no, “attitude”. I was ONLY poking fun at MYSELF, no one else. I know that some people can be very serious and sensitive at times. I’m sorry if I have offended you in some way.

I agree completely. I have devoted thousands of hours on other sites helping other people in my particular areas of expertise.

In the current state of SmartThings, I have to try and have a sense of humor with some of the issues. Otherwise, I might jump into a volcano.[/quote]

Then I am mistaken about your intentions and I apologise.

The post came across (to me) as arrogant and demanding, I’ll ferociously defend anyone on this forum or otherwise if I feel they are being attacked but at the same time, I am more than prepared to apologise as I have above if I’m wrong.


@benji, @cdikland, @XL5

You guys do know what this button does, right?

It can be used when misunderstandings happen, just saying…

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Absolutely but I personally prefer not to delete my mistakes, I’d rather they remain there as an example to myself and if anyone else can get any benefit from it then even better.

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I thought I did but for some reason it will only allow me to delete my posts :smiling_imp:


LOOOL, drop a line at, maybe they can help!

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tl;dr the website is not broken. “” is not a valid URL to access your account. Try

Closing this thread.