Is the Samsung DW60M6040BB Dishwasher SmartThings compatible?

I plan on getting this dishwasher and would like to know, because some places say it is, while others don’t.

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Hey there! @Matthew_MBG, I completely understand wanting to confirm when you get a mix of information and are still unsure. Best practices would always be to check the Model Number of the Dishwasher (DW60M6040BB) to determine if the UK model is SmartThings compatible.

You can search by model code in the ST App by (+) Add Device > Search at the top for the model number of the device you want to confirm.

Unfortunately, while looking at my US-based supported device list, the model does not appear and upon researching the user manual it does not appear to have ST compatibility.

I hope this message finds you well!



Hi, thanks for the quick response. We have settled with a Bosch Dishwasher using Home Connect.