Is the Lutron SeeTouch supported?

Want some scene pushbuttons in various rooms and the wife loves these (were used in a hotel we stayed are)

Yeah, that’s a nice device. Unfortunately, that’s from the model line for professional installers, RadioRA2, which uses the Lutron “connect bridge.” The SmartThings integration is with the Caseta line intended for do it yourselfers, which uses the Lutron “smart bridge.” So not currently compatible.

There are a few options for multibutton devices that will work with SmartThings. See the following thread, which covers both wallmount and handheld options:

You know I was just thinking about it and although I don’t have any Lutron RA2 devices, I am relatively certain the integration I have built for the Caseta line could be modified to control the RA2 line. In fact I doubt it would even require a huge alteration. Lutron uses the same integration protocol for both. …

Same protocol, but I believe you need a different bridge device, the Lutron “connect bridge” instead of the Lutron SmartBridge.

Correct, I’m just saying if someone had it they should be able to telnet in and control it the same way. And that’s all my app really does. Just an interesting thought. :slight_smile:

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