Is the Jasco portable plug a repeater?

I am having an issue with a smartpresence that is sitting in a car continually telling me it left, then comes back, when nothing at all has moved. I am told it has -74dBm RSSI. I am assuming this it loses it’s signal sometimes because this may be too weak? I tried plugging in a portable plug close to where this is, and the plug works fine, but is the plug a repeater? Is the smartpresence zwave or zigbee?

This thing:

The Jasco is Zwave, but the Presence tag is Zigbee so it won’t help. Take a look at this thread:

What ultimately fixed it for me was to put a SmartSense Motion closer to where my cars are parked which extended the Zigbee range. But it MUST be plugged in, not on battery.