Is the beta category restricted?

(Jimmy) #1

Is the beta category restricted? Just wondering if I should post questions that don’t fit the bug or suggestion category in here.

(Jameson) #2

I don’t believe it is, I logged out from my account on the community and I could still see the beta program category, along with posts within.

(fightingmajor) #3

Then it’s probably an error on ST side. It’s linked from the beta site. You should be able to post anything under beta.

(Mark) #4

I can see the beta category (and this thread) even though I’m not a part of any beta testing.

(Antony Pugh) #5

Muuuummmmm @marktheknife is poking his nose in where its not allowed…

(Mark) #6

See my recent post outlining my new responsibilities in the forum :grin:

(Antony Pugh) #7

MUUUUUUUUMMMM @marktheknife is throwing his new found super powers in a way to belittle my contribution to the ST Team…


(jkp) #8

GIn the Overview/Introduction page on Centercode:

There are two types of feedback: Bug Reports and Suggestions

  • Every piece of feedback should be logged through Centercode so we can keep all feedback in one place.
  • Please use suggestions to give us some feedback on the hub firmware/feature-set and let us know what you would like to see. (Yes, we know you want a migration tool o_0)
  • The Community should be used for general discussion. Bug reports submitted there will not be reviewed.

which is the opposite of the following in the Getting Started section
4. Keep it To Yourself
We have spent months designing and building your test product. We are spending many thousands of dollars to prepare for its launch. It’s your responsibility and obligation to keep everything about the beta test absolutely secret. Don’t blog; don’t Tweet; don’t chat; don’t post anything anywhere about the beta test. Don’t even mention you are involved in a project with us. Remember, we trust you with our new product and in return we ask you to show us respect by keeping everything you experience a secret.

So I say… post All you want on here until told otherwise.

(Jimmy) #9

right, that’s why I asked. all other Centercode based eta programs i’ve been in have an additional section for discussions. Maybe @slagle can enlighten us.

(Robin) #10

There is a locked mobile beta category on this forum, with x number of members… but I can’t say any more about that.

In comparison, the centrecode Beta appears to be run fairly publicly, but I’d still avoid posting public comments unless specifically told otherwise…

I was invited onto the latest Beta, but as I’m currently hubless I had to decline :sob:

(Matthew Valeri) #11

Shhh… they’ll know we’re watching.