Is the app a lost cause?

The app never seems to get fixes like not keeping sort order etc
But it also gets slower. Waiting for network all the time, downloading drivers.

The app of a few years ago was instant response this one takes seconds to a minute to wake up and work.

I’d pay for a third party app that was as good as the old. Is there one?


ive found that controlling things with Homebridge is much faster, but not everything has the same capability

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Not a third party app in the sense it mimics the ST app, but you can run dashboards on your phone that will provide a good portion of the functionality. Take a look at Sharptools. In addition to dashboards on tablets, I have several I run on my phone, and use those just as much, if not more, than the ST app.


100% lost cause. Search some previous messages. ST has made it clear that slow is how it works. I would lower any expectations of this being improved.

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I am probably imagining things, but of late the apps have been giving the impression to me of different hands being on the tiller. If so they are probably still crying.


The energy app changed to allow useage of Smartmeters … previously i think it was Samsung only devices

Its a bit laggy in its presentation and could have more features but at least that now works

I think they are going to have to make a major decision once matter launches: will the SmartThings app need to work locally to compete in the marketplace, or not?

The Apple Home app runs locally. So will IKEA’s brand new Matter controller app, being released with the new Dirigera hub this fall. So that’s one iOS and one Android matter controller app.

No word yet one way or the other from Alexa, Google, Aqara, or Philips Hue.

But up until now SmartThings official architecture diagrams for the NEW platform still show the app as cloud-dependent.

Will Matter create customer demand for what would be a huge change? I think they may be waiting to see. :thinking:

And it’s complicated because so many expensive Samsung products, including the appliances and televisions! Will still rely on the cloud. Does Samsung really want customers to open the app when the Internet is out and see that it’s their most expensive Samsung stuff that doesn’t work? I understand the dilemma.



Most equipment has a 3year support cycle, Samsung have been pretty ruthless in the past with dropping support for products after the time period, so im not sure they will care JD