Is SmartThings still in business?


Word. Try Wemo. The ‘support’ is comically bad/absent and it’s a narrow product field. Considering the range of things ST covers I think the support we get is great. It isn’t perfect but I get what I pay for.

(Kyle ) #82

NOPE - wouldnt expect him to keep in touch with every customer weekly for buyong a HUB thats ridiculous i couldnt agree more


Should he pop on and keep up to promises of updating his DEVELOPER COMMUNITY after they have dedicated there time, money and way more than the average user to his platform . . . YEAHHHHH id say the occasional checkin would be the least he could do as a gratitude to everyones efforts this far ?!?

Please remember without this community and developers, smartthings wouldnt be connected to 70%+ of its current integrated products (both official and non) there would be no clean and fully customisable dashboard like smartiles, very minimal smartapps that maxamise the platforms abilities oh and no rule engine wothout core etc.

So yeah i reiterate the odd pop in to keep everyone who’s dedicated that kind of effort to him and his product wouldnt go a miss for keeping morale up and Inspiring future community development . . .

(Nate House) #84

Lack of Alex response wouldn’t have anything to do with the current Samsung exec shakeup would it?

(Kyle ) #85

EXACTLY MY POINT !!! well said

(Joe) #86

Yes a promise is just that. Or come on and say sorry but I won’t be able to do so anymore as I thought I would. You can’t say one thing and do another. It’s bad customer service. I wouldn’t be mad if he said sorry won’t be in anymore. You buy one hub and honestly you don’t have to buy another product from them as almost anything works with itm and it’s free!!! So you can’t complain about that. So I see both points but if he didn’t promise I don’t think it would be an issue with most here.

(Robin) #87

We are in a much better place than we were… @alex kept his promise.

Weekly updates were for a time of crisis, not for the long haul!

(Daniel Ionescu) #88

While I sympathise with you, market numbers are there.

Period Android iOS Windows Phone Others
2015Q4 79.6% 18.7% 1.2% 0.5%
2016Q1 83.5% 15.4% 0.8% 0.4%
2016Q2 87.6% 11.7% 0.4% 0.3%
2016Q3 86.8% 12.5% 0.3% 0.4%

(Joe) #89

Then just say that not disappear! Just saying.

(Larry) #90

I’m going to jump in on the positive side, Or kinda, yes they are really not supporting 3rd party smart apps or device types. They don’t ratify them etc. etc. So that means if you want a lot of your devices to work you knda need to be a developer. But as for their comment on back end reliability I can say my 200 or so devices over 2 locations are working much much smoother. The secheduler is working and for the most part no missing or going down as it used to.

(Joe) #91

I agree also and I’m still a fan as you can’t get anything close to the compatibles as this platform. The issue people have are promises not kept nor even really talked about as to why. If you bought into something and promised something I think you have the right to know why it won’t happen. I agree dropping support for Windows phones. Hell Microsoft just about did so why wouldn’t another company. But communication is key and if you say you will communicate untill x time we’ll you should say this is x time and my last.

(Robin) #93


(Michael Shutt) #94

Resorting to name-calling is always a great way to win an argument. Tony has the right to vent and we have the right to disagree, and this debate shouldn’t devolve into some kind of personal attack. That is truly pointless.

On second thought, this is far more entertaining when Tony is hurling insults at whoever disagrees with him. I guess I’m up next for some name calling, can’t wait :grinning:

(B Denton) #95

So, when are you guys going to fix the dashboard? AKA bring back the tiled things page?
How about the app that was supposed to make the v1-v2 swap easy?
How about all the other things that have been promised just to keep us quiet for a while longer but you guys have no intention of ever rolling out?

We’re tired of being lied to Slagle.

(B Denton) #96

I signed on the better part of a year before the V2 hub came out.Since that time, I’ve seen ST remove more useful features than anything else. The ones they’ve tried to introduce have been buggy at best. The only really useful things to come along have been created by people not employed by ST. Smart tiles, and Rules engine were great. Unfortunately ST kept blaming failures on Rules engine until the dev finally had enough and pulled out. ST then claimed he had never submitted his work for approval and he promptly posted screen shots which proved ST was lying to us yet again.

I can only surmise that the founders got their chunk of cash from Samsung but had to sign some contract to stay on for some period of time. They are fulfilling that role but couldn’t care less about ST or us anymore. Otherwise they’d be worried about their abysmal app ratings, and threads like this one.

(B Denton) #97

Even if you track reviews, you can’t possibly be all that concerned with them. Have you SEEN the reviews for IOS?

I’ll be happy to copy and paste a few here for you if you like.

(B Denton) #98

Pardon us if we’re a bit skeptical. We’ve become accustomed to ST’s habit of making empty promises.

(B Denton) #99

From where we’re sitting it doesn’t look like he’s doing much of either.

(Steve White) #100

I agree with your sentiment but you cannot deny that Tony’s frustration with the platform is evident in the tone of his response. Those who have had issues are easily frustrated by those who come across as apologists, offer up a revisionist view of history, or provide alternate facts on platform stability.

Robin is clearly wrong in my opinion however in his view that Alex fulfilled his promise to the community; he did not. We had a December update that took some systems down for weeks, and one that is causing ongoing issues with device communications. We had a 2 week long database problem that was never acknowledged on the status page which was causing random failures of Routines, SmartApp, and CoRE. Routines are still bonked right now.

If you want to use alternate facts, then yes, Alex fulfilled his promise and delivered stability. From my wheelhouse, we have a lot of rough seas ahead.

(Steve White) #102

Oh come on Tim, I have far too much respect for you than to accept that response at face value.

If it were just me asking for the CEO’s attention I could accept that response, but there’s a large cadre of forum members that would like a real explanation of why he has backed off of his promises. The only way for that to have any hint of credibility is to have a statement from Alex himself. He clearly has time to tweet, how about he take a few minutes and post a single, simple explanation to the community of customers that support his company?

(Michael Shutt) #103

I think those 2 statements pretty much sum it up. If you’re both working under the premise that there are only one set of clear facts and only one correct way to interpret them, then it is pointless to even have a discussion. I don’t have a dog in this fight, I’m not apologizing for anyone (especially not ST), and I know there is no chance of either of you changing your minds. This stupid thread just keeps popping up on my feed and I just can’t bite my tongue when I see people being belligerent. It’s a weakness of mine.