Is SmartThings Shield for Arduino Available Anywhere?

I’m definitely interested. How shall we proceed?

Sorry already sold the shield early in the week.


OK Thanks anyway

I am interested in buying a SmartThings Shield if anyone is interested in selling one that is not being used. Much Appreciated. PM me if possible, Thanks in advance.

Hi All…

It’s me again… like a broken record …( Old School )

If anyone has an Arduino ThingShield available for sale, please let me know
still looking for a couple units.

Thanks very much


edit: sold!

I have 2 SmartThings Shields that never were deployed. Going price around here seems to be $50 with shipping to the lower 48.

I’ll take one (or both) PLease PM with the place to send PayPal - If that’s OK

Hi Mayhem,
Your DuinoZigbeeAPI helped me understand and jump start on the DIY smartthings project.

I do have a problem. Sometimes when I tried to turn on/off from smartthings app, I don’t see the led respond properly. Only thing i tried so far is to get the data and print it on serial output on arduino. It doesn’t seem to get a good packet.

I’m not sure if the ST hub itsself isn’t sending the request or if it is not picked up by the xbee+arduino. Is there a way to debug this?

I’m looking for min 1 possibly 2 smartthings arduino shield(s). Does anyone have such available for sale?


I’m still looking for one or two smartthing shield(s). I anyone has one available please PM me.+

Does anyone have a shield for sale ?

Is it easy to rebuild any from scratch ?

No, it is not easy without the ST firmware for the ThingShield. Also, the original Zigbee processor is obsolete.


So what do you suggest to create custom ST DiY devices ?

That’s easy! Use my ST_Anything project. This started as a streamlined method for using the ThingShield. Once Samsung/SmartThings stopped making the ThingShield, I added local LAN device support.

I have two SmartThings Arduino shields that I don’t use and would be willing to sell. PM me if interested.

Yes, I am still interested in one. Thanks for reaching out. How much do you want for it?


$60 plus shipping. Where are you located?

Pinging this thread… I’ve had some success with a possible thingshield replacement…

Reply with thoughts and if you’re interested.

Anybody still need one of these?