Is SmartThings Classic being discontinued?

I don’t know exactly what is planned, but I presume the idea is to deal with the problems caused by allowing device handlers to define their own custom attributes and commands with no formal definition. Sure the attributes are pretty well defined in terms of possible values, but the commands only have a name with no indication of the parameters they can take, and both could be completely differently defined somewhere else.

It is not that webCoRE has any greater access to these things. It is just that as a third party product it can use de facto standards (like arrived() and departed() as commands for simulated presence), and it is in a better position to ask the user what the parameters are for the other custom commands the device says it supports.

On top of that there is the issue of the UI to be used for the commands and attributes. The Classic app could have a custom one defined in each device handler, the ‘new’ app is pretty much hosed as there is nothing for it to work with.

If we take the simulated presence example, what is really needed is to be able to define e.g. ‘Simulated Presence Sensor’ as a capability with the commands arrived() and departed(), and whatever is required so the mobile app can display a couple of buttons to explicitly set presence, all without having to ask the user what is going on.

I’m guessing that is the vague idea.

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Not sure about aeon, but Zooz has a default handler that creates a child device for each outlet. That should make them individually controllable.

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Custom Capabilities is an important one for me to fully transition. For example, light bulbs that have a color loop mode or blink mode. We need a way to turn those on and off in the new app. Recently, anything that uses “standard” capabilities seem to work fine in the new app.

Keep in mind that we’ll also need to monitor and use those custom capabilities in the rules engine before we can get rid of third party apps like webcore.

Way to go Samsung to ruin a good thing. I am one of those advanced users that has many custom device handlers and smart apps, from this community and my own, and none of them work in the new SmartThings app…not to mention its the most poorly organzied UI I have ever used. Ugh.

Will the routines and the SHM custom monitoring rules wich are built into the old app will be available in the new app?

There will be time to make sure that custom capabilties and devices are supported before you need to migrate. Only a tiny fraction of users are even given the suggestion to move now. We are taking all feedback into consideration.

Please see the responses on this thread


See the post above that I linked to.


what are you going to do with customers who CANNOT migrate to the new app because the app has problems (verified by samsung support) and the user cannot even log in, let alone start any sort of migration process?

Hi all
I’m new to ST and of course downloaded the App, but when I tried to download the App on my tablet it only let’s me have the classic one, I do like the classic one but I’m I going to lose this and then can not use my tablet, if I do anything a the classic is it going to just go? Should I stick to timers and things on the new app, Thanks

What brand is the tablet? Which OS and what version?

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Hi jkp
It’s a Samsung run 6.0.1 , it has a IR blaster on it so don’t want to get rid cheers

That’s a similar issue to the following thread, where the person has an iPhone which is too old to run the required operating system for the new app. See that discussion for some options:

New V3 app will not load on iPhone 5C

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Thanks I will have a read of that

One option not listed on the other thread…

Since you are using Android, you can trying downloading an older version of the new app from an apk site. You will not have all the latest features but it is an alternative you can check into.

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Thanks, that looks interesting? How old do I go I wonder.

3 versions back I believe

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Cheers will look at doing that.

I kept getting emails that 10/14 was final day to migrate. Well I did it most of my devices are OFFLINE now after I used them once on new app. Deleted downloaded classic same thing. Deleted and retried now devices are just off line on both classic and new app. I’m stuck.

reboot your hub in IDE > hubs > view utilities > reboot hub

Thanks very much. I tried that several times (REBOOT) and OFFLINE devices again. I did ENABLE ZWAVE MODEULE same thing. Ran ZWAVE REPAIR showed all device failed.