Is Smart Weather tile still working?

I made great use of this a few years ago, but then dropped off. I was hoping to use it again but I can’t get it to refresh. I previously had it refresh with Core and it worked great. I’m wondering if I don’t have the latest version or something, even though I updated from Repo.

(I also tried adding a new devices version, and its not working either)
And sadly Accuweather won’t show Celcius which I would need for my piston comparrisons.

If anyone has any info for me, I would be grateful.

Last Updated 2017-05-01 10:21 AM MDT

This is what I have in Device Handler.

SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0
IDE Settings
Device Type Settings

  • Copyright 2015 SmartThings
  • SmartWeather Station
  • Author: SmartThings
  • Date: 2013-04-30

Thanks so much!!

You can’t use the 2.0 version, those API’s were deprecated. Use the stock ST Smart Weather Tile

See Step1 here on the first post on how to install the tile:


Thank you so much!!

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