Is self-hosting to receive webhooks faster? (IBeacon processing)

I’m trying to have a RadBeacon USB detect whether my wife or I comes downstairs first in the morning, to trigger a good morning routine with lighting tailored to the first riser’s preference for morning light. The walk from the bedroom to downstairs takes about 15-20 seconds maybe. In that time, I need to receive the beacon on my phone, send a webhook to Stringify, and then have Stringify trigger a SmartThings routine. It seems that’s hard to do quickly consistently. Do you think taking Stringify out of the picture so that I send a webhook to a self-hosted location would make a meaningful difference? Or should I scrap the idea of using a beacon to do this? Any better way to accomplish what I want (I wish I could detect which one of our iPhones are unplugged first as the trigger, but looks like I would need android phones for that). Thanks!

That statement caught my eye. What would act upon the unplugging of an Android phone?

Same thing - trigger morning routine with lighting tailored to the preferences of the first one to unplug their phone

You might be able to do this with a smart outlet.
IF… the iphone still draws a little power when plugged in and fully charged…

My question was, what is used to catpure the fact the the Android was unplugged? And yes, I see @Cobra 's reply about the smart outlet. I was more wondering what you already thought could capture that.

I think it’s an app called Tracker that I’ve noticed in other forum posts

This one? TrackR

No, sorry, I remembered the name incorrectly. It starts with a T, but it’s called Tasker, not Tracker. See these posts:


Ahh, Ok that one I’ve heard of. I’ll dig into that.

By any chance do you have hue bulbs on a hue bridge? If so, I would take the Internet out of the picture as much as possible. Have the iBeacon turn on a specific hue bulb and have that bulb coming on trigger the rest of your smartthings events.

What receiving station app are you using to process the iBeacon?

Yes, I do, actually. The hue bridge can receive webhooks?

Geofancy. I tried Proximity Events but it seemed unreliable. Geofancy seems better and looks like it is being maintained regularly. If that doesn’t work well, I could go to Beecon+ like you use.

No, but many of the receiving station apps have an LAN integration with the hue bridge, just because it’s so popular.

Perfect. I’ll try Beecon+ then since it has native support for Hue. Great idea. Thanks!

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If you’re looking to trigger an event from your Android phone, check out AutomatIt.

It’s got some great trigger events, like bluetooth connections and plugged in unplugged status. You can then post a webcall, directly from the app, no need to use Stringify or IFTTT. And it won’t launch your browser either. Something you might want to check out. I use the WebCall from ST WebCore directly in this app for a whole bunch of things. Since you can also create a Widget on your homescreen to trigger a rule to fire, it’s a great way for a shortcut button on your homescreen too. The icon choices are limited but it’s a very cheap solution even if you buy the pro version.


Can you explain how the webcall works?

In reference to what? The concept of webhooks and how they work? Or within a particular architecture how to set them up? It would help if you clarified your question.

I’ve got an iPhone, so would need a solution for that.

Not an iPhone user. Sorry. But you could try this:

Have no idea if it has the same functions but it’s something to check out.

I meant how to do it in Automeit, but I found it. Sorry for the confusion.

Seems like a great way to get more widgets for ST.

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Well, I tried Beecon+ but couldn’t get it to work with Hue. It says it connects to my Hue Bridge, but it doesn’t actually control any of my lights. Still looking for other apps that will work…