Is Samsung Automation Studio the alternative to Groovy IDE?

I’m trying only via inject for now

Holy moly, thanks for posting this. I was looking at Automation Studio and thinking “why can’t you just use Node-RED?” I’m already using NR for automating HomeKit/HomeBridge, and bringing that world together in one visual language is exciting.

Samsung’s pseudo-JSON rules language always seemed like a warning sign for the future of automation on the platform. Allowing widely-supported automation languages like Node-RED means there might just be hope!

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I’m just getting back to this, and trying to wrap my head around how the Node-RED Command node is implemented. Is it correct that the node does not use anything in the input message payload, and that the message simply acts as a trigger for the action that is statically configured in the Command node in question?

This seems so limiting I suspect I have it wrong (and the documentation doesn’t help much.) The HomeKit Control node for example takes a msg.payload with the command in an object, i.e., {“On”:false,“Brightness”:0}, which seems much more in line with Node-RED style.

I think Samsung is writing the SAS pallet primarily for their own hosted service. It is currently free but will eventually be a subscription service. So what gets published to Github, or NPM is limited based on that methodology. One thing I would say though is that if you question how it is running submit a ticket on Github as they seem to be pretty responsive. I have seem them add functionality based on requests from github.

I am very impressed with SAS so far. I use it for integrations with Arlo and it has worked really well. Event setting up endpoints with SAS has been fairly painless once i accept certain limitations. I have it running process now and has been pretty much rock solid for hosting events as well. Quicker then i thought it would be to.