Is Samsung Automation Studio the alternative to Groovy IDE?

About Free Subscription

  • Get free access to the Automation Studio for one year.
  • Not using the Automation Studio for three months, particularly the SmartThings or Bixby nodes, will suspend your free trial. Afterwards, usage of the Automation Studio will only be allowed for a month.
  • For more details, refer to the “Terms of Use”.

Is that the new tool that will substitute Groovy IDE ?

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THis looks interesting. Maybe @jody.albritton can comment on the purpose of this site.

It’s not very clear what it will cost. It looks like right now they are giving out free codes, but this doesn’t seem to be the long term plan.

edit: looks like it is a year free. still no details on the cost after

The ToS seems to support sharing

There seems to be a NodeRED node for it:

And it looks like it is developed by the South Koreans.

Otherwise the github repo shows it is there since March.

Link to the NodeRED Nodes:

But looking at the 2019 Copyright marking at the bottom of the page makes me think what is going on. It looks like a crossover…

Some further reference:

and now the site is down :laughing:


Let’s wait to know what they will say.

I was able to build a couple automations using the Automation Studio. I’m not familiar with Node Red, and the Samsung docs could be easier to follow (as usual), but got it done eventually. Still not sure how I feel about this application. I would rather have seen a UI for the Rules API. There’s things missing like location mode, push notifications, etc. I’m not sure if anybody even wanted a Node Red applicaiton to combine Bixby and SmartThings?

I haven’t tried it yet.

I am still curious whether it will be the alternative to the current groovy ide.

I was looking into Node red in home assistant,. It’s real popular over there and they talk about it in their forums a lot. Haven’t used it personally, but from what I’ve seen, its a visual rules engine somewhat like webcore, and maybe it can possibly even replace webcore at some point. I don’t really know if it could be a suitable IDE replacement, but this stuff is hard to keep up on. Would be a massive pain to rewrite all those pistons but I think that’s going to end up being what happens after the IDE phaseout no matter what they do. Here was some more info on how they use it over there.

No, I wouldn’t consider it a replacement for the Groovy ide. It just an automation builder like SharpTools, yonomi, webcore, etc.


Just been playing with this. I added it to my node red server and combining it with the node red dashboard i was able to setup a quick webpage showing temps, battery status and added a switch to turn a power outlet on and off. Its very cool. I hope it remains free for more than a year.


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