Is Philips Hue the neglected one and TCP the favored one

Yes, it was added in Hue properly.

But since I wrote the last note things are working now. So please disregard. Thanks.

Reviving this thread after a month. Meanwhile I grabbed 7-8 more Lux’s since they were on sale. The total count is 20 now and it appears now Philips Hue Integration is slightly better now as pairing was a breeze and absolutely no issues for the 7 new bulbs. First added it to Hue and then opened Hue connect which found all the new bulbs within couple of seconds.

Also, looks like the hues and family are now showing the correct state when polled by ST at “some” interval and that point it shows the correct state even though the action was not taken from within ST and even if they were manually turned on/off. Its not instant but it does get the correct status in couple of minutes.The performance has improved too. Although some bulbs don’t turn on/off at times even though in a small batch.

Overall an improvement definitely and going the right way…


I am just going to pitch in here… I have about 18 Bulbs and 12 groups and have been running my version of Hue Connect with groups and bulbs for the last few months with no problems. If people are interested in it please tell me and I’ll push an update from the most recent update of the smartthings code. [If i dont hear anything back i probably wont do an update because I am not having any issues]

-> SmartThings removed my links to my github because they had a few people contact them for support when removing a Hue Group -> This must be done via the web interface by removing a device… It is not written into my code… But with positive feedback I might work on it… And possibility see if @juano2310 is able to review some of the code.

Please let me know…


I could understand them directing support calls to you or asking for some better way to identify your Device Handler, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of ST “removing links” to Community shared code. :confused:


@zpriddy - can I get a fork of that? I have about as many Hues as you and my system is bananas, especially lately


Yeah, I don’t have a problem with that. Its at: and its in the Hue SmartApps and Devices folder. You have to add my device types as well as the SmartApp for Hue Connect. - I just added 4 more hues and it keeps working. I had to make some changes lately to it to make it work better with my Dashboard (Home Automation Dashboard (HAD)) So I will keep pushing updates as I make them.


So I see that the new Hue code that smartthings is working on is taking some of the features from my hue code :slight_smile: Im happy to see a good evolution of this code!

Zippy… May I ask you (or anybody) a question regarding the Hue (Connect) Service Manager SmartApp?

I don’t understand the purpose of the “def parse(...)” method in the Service Manager. I thought “def parse()” was only required and called in Device Handlers, not Service Manager SmartApps.

I’ve searched all the Hue SmartApp and Device Handler code, and I can’t find anything that calls this method:



def parse(childDevice, description) {
	def parsedEvent = parseEventMessage(description)

NB: The above chunk of code is in the original SmartThings authored Hue-Connect.groovy as well.

The purpose of the other methods defined in the Service Manager are obvious and clearly called from the child Devices in their Command methods (e.g., “def on(childDevice, transition = 4) {}”). I just don’t see the purpose of the parse method here, or even that it is used anywhere.


At this point is this or any other way able to get a reliable state of HUE lights?

My wife often will turn off the lights via a wall switch and when she turns it on the lights of course turn back on, but the state isn’t reflected often in the ST app.

It’s not automatic but if you hit the Refresh tile on any of the Hues lights in the Smartthings app it should update the state of all of them. I too have found that the Hues lights do not reflect their state unless they are actuated from within Smartthings.

thanks for that… i hope someone smarter than I can come up with an app that does this automatically

Smartthings polls the Hue bridge every five minutes, so the status should catch up eventually, just not immediately.

There you go. I guess we just have to learn to be a little more patient.

If that worked correctly then yes but I’m pretty sure 1 or 2 hours without reporting the correct status is more than 5 minutes, carry the 1, yep, more than 5 minutes.

This is not the behavior I am seeing. If the bulb state is changed by an outside controller like Amazon Echo, I have to manually refresh the hub to get the status update. Or turn the light off/on in the ST app.

Since mid August, the polling always happens every 5 minutes. I have been using Echo, the new Philips Dimmer Remote, third party apps as well as regular switch. Always picks it up depending on how close you are to the 5 minute period.

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I had the same issues with echo up until late August, as @smart said. Then it definitely got better.

Maybe @juano2310 can confirm the current polling interval.

Current polling interval is 5 minutes but is possible that during some incidents last week the scheduled events stopped. If that’s the case, to restart polling, just go back to the Service Manager and click “Done”.

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My bad! I meant sometime after 20th August after my 3 weeks break from ST.


Seems to have resolved it.