Is my SmartApp Running?

I have an app that does a httpGet() every hour and based on the result, turns on a switch. The app was installed 2 days ago and appeared to be running fine. Today I noticed that the switch should have been turned on but was not. I checked the “List Events” option for this app under the IDE/My Locations/Installed SmartApps which contained nothing. The “Job History” however showed the app appeared stop sometime yesterday at noon. I then started up “Live Logging” but it did not show any entries for this App even though the code contains numerous log.debug and/or trace statements.

Is there a quicker way to confirm that the app is actually stalled or terminated? As well, is there any way to tell in any log file why the app stopped in the first place?

You might check in My Locations ( -> List SmartApps, find your SmartApp and click it and at the bottom, you’ll be able to see if it has any scheduled jobs.

Drats, I did just that except… Never noticed the Scheduled Jobs box. Wish I had looked closer cause I have no idea what was there. I have since restarted the App and sure enough the Scheduled Jobs would be a good indicator that the app is running (or not). What I still don’t know is how to get the information on why the app was stalled/stopped in the first palce.

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