Is my Lightify Bulb Dead?!

I searched around and couldn’t find a similar thread to my problem so here goes.
I had a bulb in my kitchen, over the counter that was only responding half the time. Since I already tried the firmware OTA refresh, I figured I would try the 5and5 on/off, then scanning without removing trick.
Since it’s one of those recessed lights and is pretty far up, I decided to reset via the wall switch instead of getting a ladder and taking it apart. It’ll reset all five bulbs I have up there but hey, it’s less hassle.
Well the one over the counter is good to go now! But now the one over the stove won’t power on at all. I took it down and plugged it in to a lamp socket I use for testing, nothing. I tried changing out that little pigtail plug for another one I have laying around, still no light. Is it Dead?! Any help would be appreciated.

I bought a brand new bulb a few weeks ago, paired it with smartthings and it worked fine. I did a 5x5 reset using the wall switch as you did, on the last switch on I heard a pop… And it was dead! Not recognised by the lightify gateway or smartthings, nor would it turn on.

Ended up returning it…

I bought mine in July so they won’t take it back. I suppose there’s no harm in opening it up and poking around if it’s dead unless someone has another solution.

asked a few questions on the amazon product page and a Corp rep gave me an email address to try. Apparently they cover them for two years so they should trade it out for me. We’ll see.

Just got the replacement in and it works great!