Is local wifi used for mobile app to hub v2 communication?


My SmartThings v2 Hub is connected to one of the ethernet ports of my WiFi router (so has 192.168.1.x style address). While at home and in-range of my WiFi router, does the mobile app communicate directly to the hub (app -> local wifi -> hub) or does it go via the SmartThings cloud service (app -> internet -> cloud -> internet -> hub)?

I am thinking of moving my v2 hub off my WiFi router and connect it to the cable modem ports. If the communication is local (app -> hub) then I would loose that functionality (and would rethink my strategy).

If there is a page about how app/hub v2/cloud interact network wise, I’d be happy to read that instead.


No, it does not. SmartTnings hub is cloud-dependent and the mobile app can only communicate with the cloud.


Thanks for your super quick reply. Appreciate it.

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