Is live logging not working? Again?


The “Live Logging” tab of the website graph IDE has no events.

Is it broken again?

Mine are working. I see they changed the login screen since the last time I logged in though.


Yeah, I noticed too but now I can’t log on…

EDIT: working now! I just saw a quick password error and then a new “I’m not a robot” checkbox.


If you’re using Chrome try to close and restart it or use incognito mode. I’ve noticed for the past week that live Logging and loading / saving apps stops working if the tabs are left open for more than a few hours.


My Live Logging looks like this. Nothing every shows. I am the only one.

Does not work for me either - us east. It’s been like this for couple of weeks already. Sometimes it works but mostly not.

A noob, assumed I had turned it off. No logging for week or more. Also US East.