Is it ruined?

I have a GE zwave dimmer Light switch. It worked great by the way. Then i was in a rush to move things in the gang box and didn’t turn off the juice. It sparked and didn’t come back on. I’ve replaced it with a different switch for now.

It’s there any way of resetting it or replacing a component inside it that will revive the thing? Or is it a paper weight?

If you hooked it back up properly and nothing works then 99% chance its dead.


Seriously? This is why people who aren’t professional electricians shouldn’t mess with this stuff.

I’m happy that the price you pay is only a device and not a house fire or a funeral.


I’ll see that and raise you 100%.

@justin16 use this as a valuable learning experience. This time you toasted a switch, next time it could be you! If you insist on continuing to do work in which you’re not qualified to do, at least buy a voltage sniffer and USE IT! Check everything in a box before working, there can always be more than one circuit in a box!

Always remember that electricians that do not cut corners are the ones who get to go home at the end of the day.


If the short was on the load terminal it probably burnt out the power mosfet.

& @SteveWhite

Seriously? Playing with 110v is just a little tickle. Try doing it at European 220 voltage. Now that is no fun, it shakes the crap out of you… Don’t ask how I know muahahha, I am still here though…


People don’t realize that the white neutral wire is more dangerous than the hot wire. Example you open a splice in a neutral in a box that has two hot legs. You get in between the two neutrals from the splice you opened. You are now getting the balance of the voltage that wasn’t used by the two hot legs. It isn’t pleasant, and it can kill. So be very careful! Turn off the power when you are working. I have had men hurt on the job, and they were trained. There is a reason in NYC that we have to go to five years of apprenticeship, electrical school at night and college.