IS IT POSSIBLE? Use DSC ARM/DISARM state to set Camera recording to On

Hi Folks,

I have a vera at current house and want to jump over the SmartThings 2.0 for variety of reasons. One thing I have working nicely on Vera is integration with DSC alarm panel via Envisalink. I am able to get Vera to enable/disable Hikvision camera alerts based on ARMED status of alarm. I had to write a tiny bit of code (REST API calls) to enable and disable Hikvisions’ channel notifications but it has worked solid for 12 months. The Cameras then record based on motion sensor being tripped or the software motion detection.

With SmartThings 2, I gather I would need to run ALARMSERVER on a RaspberryPI3. Once I do this, I assume SmartThings could read the status of the alarm and then I could write the same custom code for SmartThings to arm/disarm HikVision IP cameras?

Maybe there is a simpler and better way?