Is it possible to subscribe to app touch event?

I see this code in groovy smart app:

def updated()
subscribe(app, appTouch)

I want to do the same in nodejs smart app; Capturing the event when user taps on the app.
I checked the list of subscriptions couldn’t find the relevant one.
I would be thankful if you help me with this issue.

I am trying to remember how the Classic app handled Groovy SmartApps. I think it perhaps installed them as tiles on a grid, with a little icon to update the settings, and presumably the ‘app touch’ was an event generated by tapping on the tile. I am surprised don’t have a better recollection of it.

As far as I am aware there isn’t anything like that available to community developers with the current client apps and mobile apps as tapping on the tiles for installed apps just starts the update flow. Obviously apps are capable of doing a whole lot more with dashboard cards but we just get rather esoteric references to those in the API to remind us we only get to play with some of the toys.

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Hi, @Mahdieh_Ghorbanian
I asked the engineering team about this and they mentioned that subscription type is not supported anymore.
It used to enable a button in the Legacy app that allowed users to tap on it and the app get that “appTouch” event.
In the current app version, adding this type of button isn’t supported, so, we cannot create this subscription.


Thank you so much.