Is it possible to send a z-wave command to an arbitrary device with a known DNI?

Can a device type handler or a smart app send z-wave commands to other z-wave devices?

No… well, probably not.

A DTH is meant to instantiate once per “added physical device” and only has the attributes for that specific Device. It cannot talk to others.

A SmartApp can only talk to Device Object Instances that are authorized by the user in Preferences.

Theoretically, it should be possible, as long as you know the device ID. Maybe @juano2310 could shed some light…

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That would be a bit of a security leak, so this is an interesting Topic. :warning:

The Z-Wave Docs don’t seem to reference DNI, and use of an Device Object by ID other than those authorized in Preferences is also illegal and should be prevented.

I don’t think that is possible. You can get a device using DNI if the device is a child of the smartapp or you selected it using the inputs.

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