Is it possible to get history graphs of temperature and similar?

It would be useful for seeing trends in humidity, temperature, battery usage, power usage, motion and so on. Adding it as a general feature of devices that emit ‘graphable’ numbers would be really useful! I use it with my leeo device a lot.

People do this a number of different ways. You can use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look in the smartapps section under “logging.”

I think Simple Event Logger, which can log to Google sheets, is one of the most popular, but there are several different options you can look at. :sunglasses:


The following thread also goes into more detail on several different options, including ones that require a paid subscription:


If you’re willing to write your own custom device handler, you can actually include a graph directly within the SmartThings application by means of a htmlTile and querying the device’s history from the servers.

The DTH I wrote for my solar system does this:


Thanks for the suggestions guys. I ended up using the google sheets one.

A in app 1-7 day history of graphable items inside the app would be pretty cool as a standard feature :slight_smile:


I just cannot understand why this is not standard functionality of Samsung Smarthings. It totally evades all reason. What could be more simple than to show a graph of the latest 10 or 100 readings from a numerical sensor?
Every other competitor does this. E.g. Zipato and Fibaro. For free.

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Agree 1,000%. When Smartthings was an independent company back about 6 years ago, the app had a lot more features than it does now. I find that in general, Samsung’s software is stodgy and limited. I get the feeling that Samsung’s developers are either writing in FORTRAN, or else they are in some ivory tower somewhere and don’t get out and talk to people much. It’s a common theme among all their products.

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