Is it Possible to Disable Hub updates until it's convenient?

Hello Everyone, and thanks in advance for considering this question.

Is it possible to disable Hub updates until it’s convenient for me to update?

If I’m using my ST as an alarm system for my vacation house and it’s working generally perfect for all of my devices. I’d rather not receive the update, than take a chance that there will be an issue after the update that will require me to physically be there to reboot my system. I wish there was a Hub setting to disable updates, and a way to control when to update.

Any thoughts on this? If the answer is no, please let me know if it might be considered for future development.

I have SmartThings Hub Version 2.0 and I’m mostly a happy camper. Thank you.


No. It has been requested many times, but I haven’t heard anything about it being on their dev roadmap.


thanks Jimmy.

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Given that deferred updates are not possible, it might help put your mind at rest to know that it is possible to reboot the hub remotely. Go to the My Hubs page and click View Utilities at the bottom of the section for your hub. From there you can reboot.