Is it possible to connect Ring sensor to SmartThings?

At the moment it does not seem like Ring does not accept Samsung SmartThings motion sensor so I was thinking of the other way around. Will the Ring motion sensor be recognized in the SmartThings app and work similar to the Samsung SmartThings motion sensor?

yes, but it can ONLY be paired to smartthings. Can’t pair it to both Ring and SmartThings.

As the other poster mentioned yes you can do that. At my last house I had the motion sensor in the ring doorbell setup to turn on the front porch light from sunset to sunrise each day through ST. For that It worked quite well. I personally did not care for the Ring doorbell and was happy to leave it behind at my last house.

I think he is referring to the z-wave ring alarm sensors, not the cameras as a motion sensor.

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I see. Thank you.