Is it possible to combine both temperature and motion on the Things screen?

I have a sensors that has both Temperature and Motion (Ecobee Remote Sensor). On the Things screen in the long list of devices, I really want to be able to show both the motion status and the temperature.

I’m open to any method that will work. I’d prefer to have the color represent the motion status and of course a text label for the temperature. But I’d also be open to an icon in the left column for motion and the temperature on the right.

So far I haven’t been able to find a workaround that will let me pull this off though.

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SmartThings makes this frustratingly “impossible”.

I quote that, because, well, folks here in the Community have surprised me before and come up with extremely creative ways to accomplish stuff.

I think a Tile can only base it’s color on very simple attributes (i.e., a specific value or the closest value in a range). Thus, if the Value of this Thing has to be Temperature, then there’s no way (that I can think of) to use the color: to represent Motion.

Or … well… the only crazy idea that comes to mind is if you added an artificial attribute such that “0 to 100” = temperature, no motion, and “101 to 200” = (temperature+100), with motion. The two ranges = two different colors.

Well, yeah, I guess I could do that, but then the actual value would have nothing to do with the actual temperature. ;o)

I thought I might be able to pull it off with a multiAttributeTile but even that didn’t help since you can’t combine the different elements to give you anything in the Things screen.

Duh… I know. But you said: “I’m open to any method that will work.”. That’s the best I got.

And a shift of a nice even number like +100 … means that the displayed value would, not be “nothing” like the real value … it would still be quite meaningful.

I think my wife would panic if she saw the temperature at 169 ;o)

Plus I already have about 200 users of the SmartApp and Device Handler, so I suspect that would cause me a LOT of support questions if I changed it to work that way.

Agreed… but I doubt you’ll find a better way; but I hope you do…