Is it normal that can not match the published DTH?

When I did not copy the DTH to my account:

Even the DTH has been successfully published on SmartThingsCommunity, it can not be matched.

Can you please explain what you mean by matched?

What brand/model for the switch are you trying to pair/add?

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@Andremain @jkp
I’m very sorry for the late reply:I just drove back from the company.
I have tested the following devices:

MSE30Z DTH name:“Evalogik Door/Window Sensor” (fileName:evalogik-door-window-sensor.groovy)

MP21Z DTH name: “Min Smart Plug” (fileName:min-smart-plug.groovy)

N4002 DTH name: “Min Smart Plug Dimmer”(fileName:min-smart-plug-dimmer.groovy)

Minoston Remote Control DTH name: “Aeotec Wallmote”(fileName:aeotec-wallmote.groovy)

MP21ZP DTH name: “Z-Wave Metering Switch”(fileName:zwave-metering-switch.groovy)

When all these DTHs are copied to the IDE, the DTHs can be correctly configured to the corresponding devices.

I completed the writing and testing of these DTHs, and deleted them in the IDE after publishing them.

Now I find that when I configure the device, the SmartThing App can’t be automatically assigned to the corresponding DTH.

Do our customers need to copy the DTH to the IDE before they can use the device?

We found that in most of the projects in the developer workspace, the DTHs information associated with the products were not visible and thought they were lost. As a result, the test found that even the devices that can see the DTH information have the same problem.

We also tested the products released 2 years ago and the same problem exists——Even if the fingerprints are added in the official DTHs.

We have two SmartThings Hubs with different versions of firmware, the test results are same.

Can you help me?Thanks!

This is already reported, @chenjun.

Yes, this is because the DTH installed there are considered custom DTHs because they are self-published and they come first when you pair the device.

No, if they’re already published, this should not be necessary. That’s why this needs further analysis.

I also reported this to the corresponding team.

As soon as I get their feedback, I’ll share it with you.


I think I found the reason, but I’m not sure, I need you to confirm:

Our devices are compatible but not certified in United States.

Is this type of equipment restricted when using the publicly released DTH?

Where can I find the information about equipment certification? And who should I contact?

According to the last PR you made for the DTH Evalogik Door/Window Sensor, it was set to be available in MX, CA and US. In which of these locations are you?

We check and reset the location as below:


And paired a Minoston 3-in-1 Sensor(it’s fingerprint is in the DTH of Evalogik Door/Window Sensor ), The result as below:

The location is Manually set.

Good news, @chenjun! The engineering team mentioned this should have been fixed, please check and let me know your results.

No,we tested independently on two different version Hubs with two accounts just a moment ago, and the problem remains as above.
Do we need to make any settings? Or does our Hubs need to be upgraded to a certain version?

The latest test result: Evalogik Door/Window Sensor for Minoston 3-in-1 Sensor can be added at S0 level, but our other DTHs can not be allocated to the device normally.