Is it just me... ST just falling apart (April 2018)

Does it let you edit and rename the Phantom Location? Try renaming it to ZBadHome.

Do this. Add a New Location. Call it Testing.

Ok now edit it. Is it true or false?

If that new location stays true, then delete the original Phantom Location so that you only have real one and Testing.

Now try to set the real one to true

Try deleting the Testing. Should error.

On the real one try selecting false again in it and saving it.

You did login at correct? Versus going to the shard you already know.

Gimme a sec

I just created another Location, set it to true and then went back to my real Location and changed it back to true without issue. Not sure why it won’t let you.

They should be able to do it without an issue. Tell them that you want Testing disabled and the real Location set to true.

I’ve been using SHM for for over 18 months and I’m very happy with my purchase. I set it every night, and I’ve only had a few issues. The biggest for me were the ST server issues last November 2016, and I believe again this past March. Since I’m not 100% dependent on this it’s hard to isolate any intermittent drop offs, but I’ve certainly had my Duh-huh moments and it’s caught me every time.

I’ve posted this before and I always have pending fear of bad karma or something, I am extremely happy with ST. I am often amazed at the “power” (for me) that you have with a $49 hub (on sale), and $300 - $400 of devices.

I truly feel it is an amazing “bang for the buck” setup…and no, I don’t have any affiliation with Samsung/ST.

I would consider my setup very “vanilla”, using 99% routines, and SmartThings supported apps…very dependent on Smart Lighting, and virtual switches. I have only one CoRE routine, (very simple), and it’s not in a critical path, though I’ve not had and issues with it. I have Ecolink motion sensors (4), Aeotec recessed door sensors (3), Aeotec siren, Minimotes and/or Echo to Arm or disarm, Samsung R1 speaker, and both ZigBee and Zwave bulbs, and pocket sockets. Sensors, etc. are all ZWave or ZWave plus, and I’m currently playing with some Visonic window/door sensors.

Also, I’ve said this before…with Samsung/Smartthings the absolute best “bang for the buck (see $0)”, is this forum and its members❗️❗️

Thanks to everyone, and again…
My $.02


now only if Android Presence worked at least 99.9% of the time… and had built in “easy” entry / leave delay / keypad for SHM. I am using the Wallmote (assigned routine to each of the 4 buttons), but ordered a Xfinity keypad (appears better than the Iris as it has easy to read ICONS) also and will try the Delay solution for now…

My primary exit, 99% percent of the time is thru the garage, so I paid $25 for an Echo Dot, and just arm/disarm as I leave/arrive thru the garage. I also replaced a receptacle in the garage with a GE Zwave device, and turn it on when the System is armed. The little “blue light” gives me a visual sign that the system is armed. There are no kids in our house so that makes it a little easier.

I also have a regular Echo for night time arm/disarm…works pretty good.

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sounds like some good ideas… but I personally won’t use Amazon’s Echo’s etc…that’s just me.

I take it the Echo Dot is in your garage so you don’t set off the alarm with your garage / entry into home door?

Sure would be nice if Delay was just built into the SHM along with a standard keypad just like most alarm systems… (such a complex customizable systme, yet the very simplest of “built-in” functions is non-existent and probably never will be at this rate) using the phone is a pain and risk dropping it and every time come and go…I really don’t want to have to use the Presence Sensor keychain either…it really goes through batteries…so convenient when Android Presence does work…when it does…it really gets no better than that… but unfortunately it isn’t 100% or 99.9% (when the Samsung cloud is down that is… I know everything cannot be 100%)

A bit off topic, but you mentioned it. So…
Just curious. Why won’t you use Echoes etc? I have (8) Echo devices. (1) Echo Show, (1) Echo and (5) Echo dots. They work great for me. Anyway, just curious.

Wow, you got your whole place bugged? Yes, Samsung is too. : /

Ok. Thanks.

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And now, The Fire 7 and HD 8 work as well as the HD10 so I woke up one day and had 6 more hands free Alexa Devices! I might be up to about 25 altogether (not all hands free)…:confused: Think I am covered now but I do not have any of those cool Spots!

With 200+ Alexa controllable devices, it’s worth it!

So back to the original question, I have learned to deal with the little breaks here and there. Biggest thing is knowing and accepting the platform for what it is…

Wait! What? You woke up and had 6 more devices… did Santa pay you a visit?? :wink: or some of your devices had babies?