Is it just me... ST just falling apart (April 2018)

wouldn’t trust it. ST sees me as always at home… with an S7.
A few months back, the alarm would go off in the early mornings 3-4 AM, my garage door opened by itself a few times in the mornings also causing the alarm to go off, and triggering the wife to “snap”.


same issues here, all of a sudden my Android devices can’t be used as presence sensors… which were working fine for quiet a while. The solution I was told was to purchase a proper presence sensor and not use the phone as a reliable source. Buy my wife’s iPhone is working fine for the past year.

My wife and I also have iPhones that have consistently performed well with ST geo-fencing for a few years. To be fair however, there are iPhone users that have geofence issues too. Even with our iPhone success for things like HVAC control and welcome home lighting, etc., I don’t use SmartThings at all for anything security related. I don’t mind being periodically inconvenienced when ST burps, but safety and security issues aren’t just an inconvenience.


Exactly. Very funny. No matter how anyone wants to spin all this, this is ultimately the result… so total failure on SmartThings behalf… ST just isn’t any good for even the most minimal security unfortunately… which given the amount of customization and user support… just a shame.

I have tried the Tasker method, Webcore and Smart things own presence and just went back to life360 because it has been solid since it was updated. Works very well.

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Presence is often tricky, and depends a lot on local factors such as where cell towers are located, local interference, Architecture, etc. So often different methods will work for different households, and sometimes it’s just trial and error until you find the one that works for you.

See the FAQ for discussion of some of the different options (this is a clickable link)

I may have to try this life360 before I call it quits with Android Presence… the Android Presence is just so convenient “when it works”.

I will also have to try the DELAY SmartApp, and maybe a Keypad… I have the Wallmote, so maybe try the delay with that first.


Why is the ADT Smartthings Hub Garbage? I recently purchased it (on sale at best buy for 299.00 right now) and it seems to work great. The sensors work with ADT and with ST so I can trigger automation’s based on the state of the alarm or based on sensors being open/closed etc. I am asking because I just purchased it. If there are legitimate issues then I may return it but so far it seems pretty awesome.

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You can talk to community members who actually own that model and have been using it for a couple of months in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

I haven’t seen any particular complaints about the security features of that model line except for the fact that it doesn’t have a Geopresence trigger for arming the system. So you do have to remember to arm it on your way out. Other than that, people seem pretty happy with it for security. The home automation side reviews are essentially the same as all the other SmartThings models, certainly nothing worse there.

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the DELAY app is that in the marketplace ?

Just as an example, just re-added my S7 Samsung phone as a presence device, and it says i’m “present -arrived 11:07 AM”, even though there’s a cell tower just down the street.

that is “my” personal opinion… as I went the SmartThings route as to GET AWAY from ADT…then a month a later I see ADT is trying to get into the “new” way of doing security since they now have to compete with Ring, Nest, Abode, etc etc… so really…I have made the wrong choice going with SmartThings… If I would’ve known ST isn’t TRUE security, I would have never invested time and money into it.

I wanted a way to get away from the monthly fees etc etc…ST seemed the way to go since so widely supported, and had Smart Home Monitor (which before buying was under the intention this was a new way of security system but really was not, until found out Android Presence, the cloud based system, sirens etc are not reliable…

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I’m glad i’m not imagining what’s happening…

Here’s an example:

I installed 4 identical
witches – leviton dimmers z-wave plus – approved by ST — all on the same day and within an hour of each other. Added to ST, all worked perfectly for a few weeks, now 1 is still “working”, while the other 3 are stuck in the “on” position and won’t acknowledge any requests. Even via ActionTiles the 3 devices have a “?” on them, indicative of a ST issue.

I may also have to move any life monitoring devices (fire/smoke/CO2) to my DSC alarm system,

I’m not betting on the ST reliability anymore. I’m waiting for the day when ST decides to shut off the water supply while the wife is taking a shower… that’s gonna be fun…

Sorry, couldn’t help it :slight_smile:


will the ADT work without subscribing to their monitoring services?. – is the hardware and software more reliable and feature friendly ?

In Ontario, Canada, I got a quote 2 weeks ago, and it was in the range of $33 - $45 CAD for ADT monitoring services… which when I contacted my insurance company, they said I’d have a savings of $10/YEAR !!!.. So I say “come rob me”… But, I installed the water cut-off valve and 6 sensors around the house, I was given a $110/year savings !!!


good one

The system can work locally on its own without central monitoring. And the ADT branded sensors themselves might work somewhat more reliably than z-wave/zigbee sensors since they’re on their own proprietary frequency.

But without the central monitoring, the cellular backup function is disabled, so if your internet is down there’s no way to get alerts remotely, or interact with the system with a mobile phone or tablet (even if you’re at home). You can use the panel only.

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I initially forgot to include that phrase and I think @BleeGonzo and I cross-posted while I was editing it after re-reading my post (and realized without that phrase, what I wrote is, in fact, incorrect).

Apologies for the confusion.


About Android Presence I have noticed with both an old Note 3 and new Note 8. We do not use iPhones. So do not experience the consistency with those with this particular problem.

When I am at home, it may say I am AWAY… even if I open Google Maps app, refresh location, still says I am AWAY. I also reboot phone. Turn off wifi, wifi back on. Still says AWAY.

Tried resaving location for geofence in SmartThings. Still shows AWAY.

BUT… if I sign out of my SmartThings account, and sign back in it seems to update my location and no longer away after a few minutes or so.

This tells me it’s not necessarily Googles fault? But yet Samsung’s?

This is what irks me, their very own manufacturers devices do not work with their system, but their direct competitor, Apple does!!! Wtf?

Same with Samsung Cameras? Works with competitors but not theirs? I mean most of them, not just 1 or 2.

I still have to try life360… but really feel shouldn’t have to having a “Samsung” note 8??? Life360 also wants my cell number??? I don’t want different apps having this.

What would be nice is a “thorough” explanation “why” Android Presence doesn’t work from the actual developers of SmartThings. (Probably why ADT doesn’t incorporate it either).

Yes… I tried the same things ( it use to wake up ST… but now does nothing at all) and its boiling down to a ST issue (well it is a ST issue). I re- added myself yesterday and I’ve been away since April 10 at 3:17pm… and I was at home when I was “away” lmao. I’m at a stage that it does not work with my S7 device at all now, not even intermittently.

I even refreshed the Geo perimeter and still no go. This is absolutely not a google issue.

I still have 3 lights stuck in the “On” state and crickets with tech support on this…

uggghhh…that is NOT good. I am not suggesting this as it gets some people’s panties in a wad, but I had some serious issues with ST when I accidentally enabled the Samsung Connect App back in Dec 2017 on a the Note 8 phone. (it had created EXTRA LOCATIONS that COULD NOT BE DELETED, NOT EVEN BY SAMSUNG people)(not going no where near Samsung Connect). I had to ULTIMATELY remove my Samsung Account and START ALL OVER FROM SCRATCH to get things working again… obviously not Android Presence though… that has never worked properly…which it should.