Is internet connection required to use phone as presence sensor?

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Newbie here and I just installed my Smartthings yesterday. I installed the app on my wife’s iPhone and it was detected no problem. Now I noticed that the hub shows her as “Present” even when she’s out of the house. Her phone doesn’t have data/internet access. I checked on the web api and her phone is in the “Inactive” state.

Is there a way for the hub to declare the phone away if it is in the inactive state?


You have to have data activated on the phone in order for it to be used as a presence device using the official smartthings features . This has come up in the past with some community members whose kids have smart phones but without data plans.

There are some community members who have created their own presence recognition programs based on what is connected to their Wi-Fi, but that requires some significant technical skill to implement. So it’s doable if you want to roll your own, but not really easy.

Some further discussion here


Thanks JD! Going to give it a read and see what will work for me.

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