Is Facebook building JARVIS?

Is Facebook building JARVIS?


Hmmmmmm interesting… something will defo come from this, someone like zuckerberg doesnt do all that eith no bigger picture in mind . . . In the note he wrote it seems very planned as he mentions how you can do it also etc using their platforms

He recons he did it all in 100 hours work!

I don’t believe that, considering it can recognise people by voice or face, although I suspect he has utilised FB tech to do all this…

FB messenger integration looks like a good idea, could be useful may see if I can get it working, in theory it should be able to directly integrate to ST…

It’s as terrible a home as everyone else’s though.

The one thing that it does highlight is what everyone already knows… the need for a common API so that everything can talk to each other, without you having to code like a mad scientist.