Is better to use HDMI port device such as an AppleVT/ROKU 4k than the build in smart apps on a TV to get the best resolution?

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It really depends on the resolution of the source material…

For instance a DVD containing a standard definition video would look much worse than a UHD video copy of a movie streaming from Amazon, YouTube or any of your other favorites streaming sources… But conversely, if you have two sources with the same base resolution its likely the local copy played off a physical device has better quality because of video compression used by your streaming service of choice.

This exact issue is discussed ad nausea on many AV gear discussion boards - just as much as smart bulbs v. Smart switches are discussed here…

The answer os always the same… It depends.

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Nathan, this may be the case - I was using HBOMax and there was older episodes of maybe early 2010s which didn’t have a higher resolution vs now were they are in 1080p and 4K… so it may vary on when the show/movie was created or recreated.

Thank you for your response.

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